Prime Mover discography - 3 x CD (LIMITED EDITION)

from Kebu

This is the complete discography of official releases of the Finnish progressive rock band Prime Mover. Prime Mover was a Finnish band that played an original kind of folkish, krautrockish, progressive rock music, where Kebu was the keyboard player and co-composer. While the first album had lyrics in English, the two later albums had lyrics in the native tongue of the band member: a special form of Swedish spoken only in Finland.

A small selection of tunes from the albums can be listened to here:

Dennis Nordell – vocals
Michael Karlsson – guitars
Sebastian Teir (Kebu) – keyboards
Roger Nyman – bass guitar
Kenneth Lagerström – drums

The discography contains the following three CDs (in jewel cases).

Put in Perspective (2001)
1. Why Do You Think You Are (8:06)
2. The Agenda For Instant Truth (6:00)
3. Pitiful (5:12)
4. Never Like It Seems (3:30)
5. Sunrise, Again (5:38)
6. Laughable (5:30)
7. See It For Yourself (4:50)
8. The Experience (11:47)

Prime Mover alias Drivkraft (2004)
1. Vykort från södern (4:07)
2. Några bagateller (4:48)
3. Utbränd (11:09)
4. Öppen (4:05)
5. Begagnat liv (3:18)
6. Folk är inte kloka (10:52)

Imperfekt (2007)
1. Telefonsamtal från norr 4:29
2. Mest är värk 3:59
3. Sväljer mina ord 4:48
4. In i dimman 5:29
5. Ingenting 8:35
6. Styrd av plastkort 5:00
7. I verkligheten 4:51
8. Sånt vi behöver 5:03
9. Enbart psykopat 5:24
10. Sagt och gjort 3:05
11. I yrkeshjältes vedermödor 10:19

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